Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Big Head Cutie

I don't particularly care for big-headed dolls.  I mean the really big-headed ones, like Blythe and Pullip.

I caved in and got myself a tan Hujoo 26cm Yomi Girl!  She's a strung ball-jointed doll, made of plastic!  Her skin tone is called 'chocolate'.  I got her from The Junkyspot.

I had a heck of a time inserting her eyes and positioning them, but I think they're passable.  She still needs a face-up (get in line, kid).  Luckily, I just got a Kemper mohair wig in her size: 7-8 and I have a Hottiez top and Skipper's Pizza Hut skirt, that fit her perfectly.  She reminds me of Dora the Explorer.

And what about footwear?  Well, Ken's slippers fit her (one has a broken strap).  Some old male dolls' shoes fit her as well.

The best surprise? Moxie Teenz shoes fit perfectly!

I still have some miniature Birkenstocks to try out.
 Here's one of my flat-footed, articulated Barbies trying them on for size.

Anyway, here she is.  She's such a cutie. in her little pony tails. I love her chunky limbs.

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