Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Long Overdue Doll Fun

 These are my Obitsu and Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite hybrid dolls.

From Left to right: 50cm normal bust Obitsu body with a Parabox Megu head, 50cm large bust Obitsu body with a Parabox Sheba head, 60cm normal bust, ball-jointed Obitsu body with an Obitsu Haruka head, 58cm Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite (DDDY) body witha Parabox Gretel head.

The three on the right have been languishing in their boxes for several months, without clothes, so I decided to make (cut and tie) bikinis for them from an old t-shirt, until I have the time to make proper clothes.

Megu has been on display on my desk for several months, wearing a top I made for my Tonner Antoinette doll (it didn't quite close at the back) and a pair of bloomers from an old porcelain doll.  She is the only one whose head is connected to her body.  The others' heads are just resting on the necks.  I still have face-ups to do, so I won't connect the heads until I've completed them, and I don't even know for sure how I'll connect the Parabox head to the DDDy body.

Here's Megu in her bikini, posing with Sheba.  Her yarn wig somehow took on an orange hue.

I find that the 50cm bodies are more aesthetically pleasing than the 60cm body, which looks awkward, with a short waist and long legs.  As for my DDDy, with her ample chest, hips and thighs, she is just va va voom!

I had forgotten how beautiful they were.  It's amazing, even without face-ups, what a difference eyes and a wig can make.

Megu is wearing the yarn wig I made for her (this is closer to the true colour of the yarn).

Sheba with a mohair Kemper wig.

Haruka with her really green eyes and a mohair Kemper wig.

Gretel, without eyes, is wearing a blonde wig (from Junkyspot).

Beautiful Gretel again.   After she has had her eyes installed, she wears a black Kemper wig.

This is the original head that came with the 50cm Obitsu body.

Installing Haruka's eyes was quite a challenge, as the openings for eye pockets inside the head were too small.  I had to cut slits into the pockets and even after heating, I had a frustrating time getting the eyes in and adjusting them to where I wanted them.  Gretel had no eye pockets, so I used Faber Castell Tack-It removable adhesive that I had on hand to hold them in place.  After that experience, I wonder how people manage to keep their doll's face-up intact while installing the eyes.

All in all, I had a wonderful time.  

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