Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dolly Props and BFFs

On a recent trip to a variety store, I found these cute props:

A gas tank, two pairs of slippers and a phone!

The tank and the slippers are pencil sharpeners and the phone is an eraser.

The dolls with the largest feet are my two BFC Ink dolls, so I tried the slippers on Calista.

She didn't mind that they were a tad larger than her feet and happily showed them off.

While Calista was off the shelf, she met one of my four (they were inexpensive on Amazon) Disney V.I.P. Chyna Parks and they bonded instantly.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

IT Dynamite Girls

Out of all of my Dynamite Girls, my favourite is Electro Pop Jasper.  I liked her so much, I got myself two.

The other Girls closely resemble each other and seem to have the same 'turned-up' nose.

I've redressed all the other Girls, but couldn't bear to undress one of my Jaspers.  So, she's been in the same outfit for the last four years! Eeeek!  I'm sure she must have some sort of staining by now.

I think her colourful, funky clothes and accessories are really cool.   Her hairstyle? I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I removed the hair from the one on the left to try to give her a different look.  She's actually wearing a woogie! She really needs dark eyebrows and a dark wig!

When the Integrity Toys' Victoire Roux line came out, I couldn't figure out why I liked the faces of some of the dolls.  Then I figured it out -  Victoire looks like Jasper!  I compared her with Depart Pour l'Orient on the Integrity Toy's website and definitely saw a resemblance.  Sigh..  How I wish I had repainting skills.

Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Carnival Monday in Trinidad & Tobago

After enjoying themselves at a variety of carnival events and parties nearly every night last week, attending Dimanche Gras on Sunday night into this morning - playing J'ouvert from 4:00 a.m.; the girls returned home around 9:00 a.m. to catch up on some sleep.  They finally woke up this afternoon, tired but refreshed.

Because there's no 'pretty mas' today, they stayed at home to view the Parade of the Bands on television.  They'll relax a bit and decide if they'll go into town to 'jump up' later tonight or tomorrow.

Paris, Poppy, Jon and Cami checking out the serious 'wining' going on, on stage.


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Be brave, be bold, be passionate.  

Wishing you health and happiness for 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alazne Barbie

I recently got an Alazne Barbie from, when there was a discount, on top of her already reduced price,  plus free shipping.  Of course, I got her with the intention of unboxing and undressing her. 

She was so nicely boxed, I almost felt guilty taking her out.

 While looking for a way to remove her headpiece, I noticed a clear liquid at the top of her right ear.

 It was also coming out of the back of her head.
Getting off her headpiece was difficult (I found out later that there is a peg in the headpiece that fits into a hole at the top of her head).   It required that I firmly hold her head, while twisting and pulling the headpiece in the opposite direction.  Because I had to squeeze her head, more liquid leaked out.
I had a closer look at her head and noticed that it was actually in two pieces. 
The dark area, with the hole at the top, was a separate piece and the liquid oozed from the seam where the two pieces met.

I also had to deal with the tape that was used to hold the dress in place.

I rubbed off what I could with my fingers, then applied talcum powder and rubbed some more.

After cleaning her up, I redressed her in one of my handmade tube dresses.  She is such a beauty, even without hair. 
But, I wondered how she would look with hair, so I had a little fun trying on some of my Kemper wigs.
  size: 3 / 4
 size: 3 / 4

 This silver one looks nice.
size: 3 / 4

 size: 4 / 5

 size: 4 / 5

 I think think I like this one the best.
size: 4 / 5

I also got Fan Bing Bing in the same order.  Because her packaging is so pretty, I think I'll wait a bit before I unbox her.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Barbie Style Girls

During Amazon's Lightening Deals earlier this month, I got the Barbie Style Floral Jacket doll.

 Things I like about her:
  - Her skirt with the front faux zipper.
  - Her bracelets.

  - Her boots, faux slouch socks (they're more like gathered leg warmers).
  - The appearance of her handbag (it's molded plastic).
Things I'm not so fond of:
  - Her handbag is closed at the top, even though it's hollow.
  - Her biggish head and puffy face.
      Here she is next to a Barbie from the '90s.  I prefer the smaller head.


A few weeks ago, I got the Barbie Style dolls with the ankle joints.

Things I like about them:
- The look of  the ankle joint and feet - so dainty.
 - Their cute shoes.

- The clutch that came with one of the blondes.
- The new face on the blondes (even though they look a little puffy to me).

Things I'm not so fond of:
- The loose weak-kneed feeling of their knee joints and lower legs.
- Teresa's distressed look.  I don't think the eyelashes help. 
          I decided that she would donate her body to Summer.  
          **As an aside, when I removed Summer's head from her original body, 
              I found glue and hair stuck to her neck post.
               Summer is enjoying her new articulated body.
Things I'm not so fond of (cont'd):
- Raquelle's hairstyle.

- Raquelle's black top's too-exposed armhole (otherwise it's a nice top).

- Teresa's high heeled boots, which are too tight and are really difficult
   to put on and take off.  This surely puts stress on her tiny feet and ankles.

- Their inability to sit with their knees together.  See an earlier Fashionistas body
   on the left and Summer on Teresa's body on the right below.

I wonder if we'll see more dolls, with ankle articulation, in the future.