Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ken Body Swap

When Princess Power Reporter Ken first came out in 2014, I ordered him right away.  He is the only Ken I've purchased, I think, since 1997.  I liked his look (the spectacles and shirt and tie outfit) but not his stiff body.

I've swapped heads on lots of barbies but never tried it with Ken, because of his neck.   I already had the Divergent and Hunger Games guys, so I knew I could use their articulated bodies,  but I wasn't ready to take the chance until two months ago.   After confirming that Finnick's skin tone matched Ken's, I got another Finnick.  I didn't build up the courage to do the swap until last week, though.

Finnick is now wearing Ken's body.  His head is loose, but Ken's head sits firmly and doesn't move up and down.  He is taller.


I'm happy with him. I wish more articulated bodies were available in other skin tones.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Importation frustration.

I understand that Customs have to check items to ensure that they are what the invoice says they are, but why oh why, can't they be more CAREful with small delicate items?

I opened my EMS package from Japan in the same position that our local Customs officials did - at the bottom of the box, where they re-sealed it with boxing tape and an 'inspected' label.

I was flabbergasted when I lifted the box flaps to see one of the three bagged figures, cut open and the figure nearly half-way out of the bag.

I became even more distressed after noticing that the left foot was missing. I realised that I to be careful about moving around the contents of the box because of the tiny size of the foot. I scanned the plastic bag and was happy to see it wedged between the figure's right hand and thigh.

After inspection, why didn't they just tape the bag closed?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

More Ruruko Play

The perils of trying on clothes.  You end up wearing underwear that don't belong to you.  The bows are so cute, I couldn't resist snapping her pic.

I think the underwear belongs to Ambivalent Girl Momoko.  The top is from a set I got from Amazon last year for Best Friends 4 Ever dolls (I don't have  the doll, but found the clothes to be cute and the price affordable).

Before I start sewing for Ruruko, I wanted to see what clothes and shoes I had on hand that would fit her.  In the photo above, she's wearing shoes from Stacie and friends from the Pizza Party line.

These are some ballet shoes that I've had for a while.  The blue ones and the pink ones on the outer left are too small.  The cream pair on the right is too big and the pink pair, one away from the left fit perfectly because they are soft.  The ribbon is too big and too long, though.

I can't remember whose shoes these are, but they are soft and fit snugly.
**Edit: Ms. Leo has advised that these light coloured purple shoes belong to my Happy Family grandmother!  Thanks, Ms. Leo.

These are Kelly's slippers.

I think these are Stacie's also.

I found Polly Pocket Stacie and Janet outfits.  Here she's wearing Janet's all-in-one shorts outfit and Teen Skipper's jelly sandals (They are a little long in the toe area) and taking Barbie's dog for a walk.

This is an outfit for a Kid Kore doll (Stacie size).  There's an overskirt, fanny pack and cap to go with it.

Looking mature in Disney V.I.P. Chyna Parks' top and white tights.

 These boots also belong to Chyna Parks.  I removed Lorinda's feet and stuck her legs into the boots.

Trying on Jazz Baby's top and Ambivalent Momoko's shorts.  Both were too big, but the cumberbund fit.

Posing in Hottiez Asiana's top and jeans (waaaay too long!).

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Simplicity 1955

In 2012, I purchased a downloadable version of this pattern from Simplicity's website

What I like about it is that it contains three sizes:

Small for Bratz dolls.
Medium for Barbie and Liv dolls.
Large for Moxie Teenz and other dolls in that size range (instructions are to check the fit as you sew and adjust accordingly).

As soon as I downloaded the files, I printed the size Small patterns on twenty 8.5" x 11" (letter-size) recycled pages.  The individual pages didn't make much sense to me at the time, so I just put them away.

In my search for clothes for Ruruko recently,  I read that Bratz clothes might fit, so I took out the pattern again and decided to have another look.

Each page printed with a border and has a row letter and a column number at the top left corner, which I didn't notice or didn't remember before.

The row and column references guide you in lining up the pages to match up the pattern lines.  The patterns are printed just as you would get them in the physical pattern envelope, on a huge sheet of tissue, so you have to stick the pages together. 

The border is a great guide for cutting the sheets to match the pages in the correct order.  In addition to the pattern lines there are marks to assist with lining up.  

I apologise for the dark photos.

I remember reading a complaint about this pattern from someone, that the pattern lines didn't match up and I found this to be true for many pieces.  It was not a very big difference and I tried as much as possible to match up the pattern lines, while adjusting the sheets so that the mismatched portions were in the blank areas.   I likened it to trying to get an air bubble out after applying a screen protector on a phone.

I didn't have a large enough tabletop so had to work on the floor.  This was not fun for my arthritic knees, so I assembled enough to put together the pieces I wanted and left the rest as loose pages.  I now have to decide whether to cut the patterns out or trace them onto separate paper.