Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dolly Wheels

I've collected several modes of transport for my dollies over the years and haven't really played with them. In gathering them together, I realise that I own more bikes than cars.

I like unusual vintage things and found this decorative piece at a local store in 2011.  It is made entirely of metal pieces that have been welded together. 

For months I would see it at the store and wish I could afford to buy it.  Fortunately, my luck changed during the Christmas season that year, when the price was reduced.  Of course, I snapped it up. 

The manufacturer,  Jayland Products (Dalian) Company,  specialises in producing "handmade antique metal home decorations, such as antique style model cars, airplanes, and motorcycles".

I was only able to find this reference to it online from  So, it seems to be an imitation Harley Davidson from 1956.   Amazon marketplace has some other cool Jayland products.

Tonner's Precarious thinks it's a cool accessory.

This bicycle came with a Famosa Nancy doll that I purchased from  I got the bike for my BFC Ink large dolls but wanted to check the fit with a Tonner doll.  Yoshio was kind enough to offer his services.

It seems a bit clunky, but could pass as the appropriate size. 

"Yeah. I'm comfortable with my inner child and my feminine side."

In the 1:6 scale size, I have a silver My Scene Masquerade Madness convertible.  I can't remember if I bought this locally or not.

Chelsea and Ken love it!

I bought this red Scooter around 2009, from a local toy shop that had it on its shelves for a while.  The box was coming apart and had a lot of wear, so I asked for a discount and got it!  It came with a red helmet.

Last Christmas, I got this battery-operated bicycle at a local drug store.  It came with its own doll attached.  Sometimes it seems too large for 1:6 scale dolls, but I like the colour and how realistic it looks.  The container at the back is for the batteries. The 'training wheels' allow the bike to stand upright.

I found this Honda on  I haven't taken it out of it's packaging yet, even though I've had it since March 2013.

I purchased these 1:18 scale Vespas,  Ducati Sport 100 (top) and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (bottom) motorcycles at a local toy store in 2011.
The tiny bike is one that I bought for my now 29 year old son when he was quite young. He preferred cars, so I kept the bike for myself.  My mini Lalaloopsy has now claimed it.

Earlier this year, I bought this mini van which originally contained candy and is labelled 'Happy Van'.  My Mini Bs are anxious to show their display and presentation skills at a car show.

Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Carnival Time in Trinidad & Tobago

It's "Fantastic Friday" and the country is buzzing with activities, fetes, traffic and parties. Carnival is on Monday and Tuesday coming (3rd and 4th March 2014), just before Ash Wednesday. 

We used to be able to view carnival bands parading through the streets live on television (when we did not have as many TV stations and you didn't need to buy the 'Rights' to air Carnival live.).  At those times we would have the television on all day and viewing the costumes at the pre-carnival shows and on carnival days, made me feel very creative.

Some time around 1996/1997, I made a doll sized carnival costume  to fit Barbie.  It was my first.  I used felt, beads, feathers, a skewer for the standard, paint, glitter, fasteners (so it was removable) ribbon and jersey material.  I made it to trade with someone for something, but my trading partner was not impressed.  That was the last trade I ever made.  

Please excuse the fuzzy photos.  I had no digital camera at the time and these are scanned photos.

Costume Front
Costume Back with the Standard against the wall.

A few years later, one of my co-workers persuaded me to make two carnival dolls (11 1/2") for a visiting trainer and I made these two (with non-removable costumes):

Later on, I made these two (11 1/2") (with non-removable costumes) for one of my neighbours, who had migrated to Canada:

I would really like to try again sometime, but with larger dolls.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some Doll Previews from Toy Fair 2014

  Ever After High Dolls Toy Fair Preview
   Cedar Wood looks interesting.

From Inside the Magic:
   The Inner Monster dolls look cool.

From chip chick:

From TTPM, some more Mattel, including the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Barbie:
   More Monster High Inner Monster details.

Barbie: "Compared with the new swimsuit chick - who wears it better?"
Candi: "Me."
Barbie: "Steups"

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wildflower Dolls

In 2010 I fell in love with Andrea Meyer's Wildflower dolls  (her Flickr photostream) and ordered three.   They came nude with a few accessories (earrings, scarves and shopping bags).

I chose Maya (on the left), Jasmine (on the right) and Joy (seated in front).

As soon as I dressed them I knew their story.  They attended university together and went their separate ways after graduation.  They did keep in touch, but hadn't seen each other since.  They were now catching up years later, while enjoying one of their favourite pastimes - eating cake!

Maya is from India (wearing Barbie in India's sari, from the 1990's),  Joy is from England (wearing a too-big dress I made many years ago for Mego Farah Fawcett) and Jasmine is from China (wearing Mulan's cheongsam).

At the Tea Room ...

"Mmmmm!", says Maya.
or the restaurant....

 ... they felt like no time had passed since they last saw each other and couldn't wait to tell their individual stories.
Jasmine runs her family's export business.

 Joy writes for a travel magazine.

Maya teaches and has a daughter, Meena.

Maya suggested that they visit each other's homes over the next few years.  Jasmine and Joy agreed, so they've started making plans.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Cerise Wtthout Her Hood

Cerise before and after, sporting her new bob.

Her hair is mashed onto her head and thin, but it's nice and soft.   It's thicker on her right side though, and it styled much better than the left.  The ends need levelling off.

I made her a tube dress and borrowed shoes from Disney V.I.P. Sharpay and a scarf from Disney Megara, so I could take some quick pics.

She thinks she's a model now.

Cleo has taken off with the hood.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ever After High Cerise Hood

My Cerises arrived last week (of course I had to get two).

I love Cerise's look in  Picklepud's photo entitled 'Big Bad!' and I'm itching to give one of them a short 'do.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

The best of health, much happiness, lots of love and prosperity to all!