Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ken Body Swap

When Princess Power Reporter Ken first came out in 2014, I ordered him right away.  He is the only Ken I've purchased, I think, since 1997.  I liked his look (the spectacles and shirt and tie outfit) but not his stiff body.

I've swapped heads on lots of barbies but never tried it with Ken, because of his neck.   I already had the Divergent and Hunger Games guys, so I knew I could use their articulated bodies,  but I wasn't ready to take the chance until two months ago.   After confirming that Finnick's skin tone matched Ken's, I got another Finnick.  I didn't build up the courage to do the swap until last week, though.

Finnick is now wearing Ken's body.  His head is loose, but Ken's head sits firmly and doesn't move up and down.  He is taller.


I'm happy with him. I wish more articulated bodies were available in other skin tones.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. The other problem is that when the older Ken dolls have a different body system so rebodying them isn't always possible. I bought a James Bond Ken but hated his proportions and thought I could put his head on a playline body. No luck. Not really understanding Mattel and why they don't put more effort in articulated Ken dolls.

    1. I know right. I wouldn't mind paying more - if that's the reason they're not making articulated guys.

      Thanks for stoppping by.

  2. Yes, I wish there were more articulated Ken bodies. Wouldn't a Made to Move Ken be wonderful?