Friday, January 31, 2014

Cerise Wtthout Her Hood

Cerise before and after, sporting her new bob.

Her hair is mashed onto her head and thin, but it's nice and soft.   It's thicker on her right side though, and it styled much better than the left.  The ends need levelling off.

I made her a tube dress and borrowed shoes from Disney V.I.P. Sharpay and a scarf from Disney Megara, so I could take some quick pics.

She thinks she's a model now.

Cleo has taken off with the hood.


  1. She looks very sophisticated and beautiful with the look you gave her, congratulations with your "new" doll :-).

  2. Great job! You can see how cute her features really are with the bob!

    1. Thank you, grandmommy! And you can see how big her head is too! :)

  3. She really looks better right now- and Cleo is adorable in thise Red Hood's outfit. Both ladies gained new look and new story :)

  4. She looks much better with the bob! You did a great job.

  5. She looks very cute with her new haircut - and I must say I like it better. And Cleo in her hood looks like an entirely different doll.