Saturday, February 14, 2015

Disney Descendant Dolls From Hasbro!

The dolls are based on an upcoming Disney Channel movie.  I like their articulation and their varied face molds.

Here are first looks:
Inside the Magic's video from Toy Fair 2015.'s FIRST LOOK: Disney ‘Descendants’ Line of Dolls from Hasbro


  1. Interesting to see some of the new releases for 2015. I wonder what the quality will be like when we see the dolls in real life. And it's also interesting to see Disney playing with the idea of the children of fairytale characters, similar to Mattel with Monster High and Ever After High.

    1. My Lorifina dolls are made by Hasbro and they are very well made, so I'm hoping the dolls will be of high quality. I noticed the fairytale trend in 2013, with the introduction of Fairytale High, Ever After High and Once Upon a Zombie dolls. Thanks for dropping by. :)