Sunday, August 23, 2015

My First Ruruko

For my birthday this month, I pre-ordered Tutu Ruruko in May from a US supplier for delivery end July/early August.  When she became available on the Petworks Global site mid July, I ordered another one, just in case I didn't get her from the US supplier. 

My Petworks order was shipped from Japan on the 15th July and I collected her from the Post Office on the 31st July, after paying customs duties and VAT.

She came in her doll box, wrapped in bubble wrap, in a box, in a huge, laminated, brown paper bag! 

Even though I promised myself that I wouldn't play with her before my birthday, I'm glad I unboxed her to make sure she was okay.   If you like to watch unboxing videos and have five minutes to spare, you can view my first ever published unboxing video (you'll see how much I like using annotations) below:

I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that Customs officials see and touch my dollies before I do.  I'm sure they don't know how to handle delicate dollies.  They removed the two pieces of tape that were holding Ruruko to the card at the bottom of the box.  This meant that she was no longer secured. 

Enclosed in the outer box were two notes:

1. A 'Color transfer possibility' cautionary note:

2.  An 'Open Packages Immediately' note:

 There were four postcards, a business card and what looks like a mini newsletter.

Newsletter Front.

Business card  one side.
Business card reverse.

Postcard - reverse

Postcard reverse

 Postcard reverse

She's such a cutie. 
"Would you like to see what I can do?"

"I can do this"

"And this."
"And this."

Isn't she adorable?


  1. How cool! She is so pretty and flexible! The deboxing was exciting!

  2. Oh yes, she is so adorable. I got one of these also from Petworks. She is so adorable and cute! I am just loving these little ladies! I have 4 of them now! Thanks for sharing your box opening! It was fun to watch.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. How cool, 4 Rurukos! I'm hoping to get one more and that's it.