Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disney Princess Tiana Re-body

I read reviews of the new classic Disney Princess dolls with articulated legs (from Van's Doll Treasures Pt1 and Pt2, and I-Luv-Dolls), after I ordered two from the Disney store, so I was a bit worried that I might be disappointed.  The legs on the new bodies did not appear as attractive as the previous dolls' legs. 

I had used the bodies from the previous Princes Tiana dolls that had articulated arms only, and was satisfied with the results.  

From left to right: 
Glitter Beach Christie, Very Velvet Christie and Teen Nikki 
all on the previous Princess Tiana's body.

When I received my new classic Tianas yesterday, I put a Pizza Party Skipper AA head on one.  She has a really pretty face and was originally on the smaller Skipper body, so some adjustment to the neck post had to be done.  

Her neck seems a bit too long; but, I'm okay with it, since I don't expect a Skipper-sized body (with articulation and a dark skin tone) to be produced anytime soon.  Even a Disney V.I.P. body in a dark skin tone would be nice.

Compared to the previous Princess doll (on the right), the new princess' legs (on the left) are not as shapely.

However, her jointed knees allow her to make some cool ballerina/gymnast/exercise poses.

 Pat-a-cake.  This is as far as the knees on the respective bodies will bend.

Preparing, this post has made me want to try to identify all the dolls that I've re-bodied.   That should be fun.


  1. Wow! I would not have thought of using AA Skipper. This does open things up to other possibilities! Skipper looks soo cute with her new body too! Thanks for the link to my post.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Leo. Skipper and Courtney are anxiously awaiting their bodies also; but, I may try Liv bodies.

  3. I'm a fan of articulation and will sacrifice looks for my dollies to have it. Thanks for the rebodying info and pics, it will come in handy.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Roville. I'm glad the information is useful.

  4. Hi, just wanted to say this was really helpful! I'm currently looking for an articulated AA body for an old 80s Barbie, and Tiana seems to be the best option. I really like your photos too, you managed to make the poses look so natural. :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you find the post helpful. I love posing my dollies and taking photos. :)

  5. Hello, I love this post of yours. The Skipper head looks so great on the DS Princess body. I myself recently bought a DS Princess and would like to change her head for a Barbies head. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere a tutorial on how to do that with DS Princess body or even how her neck joint looks like. Would you be wiling to share how you did it? I would very much appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      On my PLACES OF INTEREST page, under D.I.Y., I've added a section on Head Removal, with a photo of the Princess Tiana neck post and a few links to posts on how to remove doll heads, in general.

      I always have a tough time removing heads and have no special technique. I've broken a few posts and necks in the process and thankfully none have been on the body I want to use.

      You can see in my photo of Tiana's neck post, that there is a weak point on the right side of the neck (caused by my trying to get her head off without softening it first). Tiana's head is hard and I had difficulty squeezing it, so you need to soften it, before you try to remove it.

      I hope the links and my photo are helpful. If you need any more information, let me know.

      Good luck with your body swap! :)

    2. Thank you so much for your reply and all your help and work! And the photo - brilliant :-D !!! Thank you so much!
      I studied all the head swapping tutorials in the links you provided and went for it myself... and a total success!

      Now I finally have my Galadriel Barbie head on DS Frozen Anna body.
      Like you said I softened the Anna head first and carefully pulled and it came off without cracking the neck. I must say it was a lot easier than removing Barbie's head with those darn hooks (but no cracked neck here either :))

      I had to make Anna's neck peg a little smaller to make head movement easier. The only thing that could be better is how deep Galadriel's head is on the neck (maybe a little too deep). It looks ok don't get me wrong but your Skipper head sits more on top of the neck. You even wrote that it makes her neck look extra long. Did you adjust your neck post to make it so?

    3. Sorry, my internet froze and for some reason posted my comment 5 times @__@ so I deleted the copies :)

    4. You're welcome, Iga. I'm happy to help and glad to hear that you didn't damage any necks!

      I didn't adjust the neck post. Skipper's head sits more on top of the neck because her neck hole is smaller than Barbie's, so her head does not go far over the neck post.

      I've added two new photos to the D.I.Y. section, comparing the Barbie head and Skipper head on the Classic Princess Tiana body.

      I'd love to see photos of your re-bodied Galadriel Barbie. :)

  6. perfection:-)
    just got myself charity shop Tiana :-)