Sunday, July 15, 2012


My loving sis got me a S.I.S.   A So In Style doll, that is.  It's great when you have someone who seeks your interest, when they go out and you're stuck at home.  She usually calls me when she sees something that might interest me.

While she was at Excellent Stores in Trincity Mall,  she called to let me know what dolls were on the shelves.  The only doll of interest in the Monster High section, was Skull Shores Ghoulia Yelps, so I asked her to get her for me.  But, I didn't want to miss out on any other doll, so I asked her to check the Barbie section to see what other dolls were available.

I knew they usually have So In Style dolls, as I got my Grace and Kara dolls there.  So, when she got to the Barbie section, and said that there were a few S.I.S. dolls, I asked her to give me the dolls' names and descriptions, while I searched online to see what they looked like.  When she described the Rocawear Trichelle doll,  I told her to put back Ghoulia and bring home Trichelle instead.

I was not disappointed.  Her hair is so soft and I love the shorts.  If she, at least, had bending arms, I would have left her on her on her original body, as she fitted into her clothes and socks nicely.  I had a Fashionistas body waiting for her and immediately swapped.  She looks too skinny and her socks are flabby, but at least, she's poseable.

L to R - Grace (on a Fashionistas body), Rocawear Kara (on her original body) and newest addition: Rocawear Trichelle

Thanks sis!

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