Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tonner Toys City Girls

I've been waiting for City Girls since February this year, after seeing photos of them from the Toy Fair. I thought this day would never come!

I had decided that I would budget for all four of the girls - Basic Houston, Basic Brook-Lynn, Color Block Astor and Taxi! Billy.  I want to sew for them, so I wasn't interested in the fashion packs.  As time drew near, I thought over what I really wanted and decided I would get the basics instead, two Houstons and two Brook-Lynns and  I would customise one of each, since they all had the same face mold anyway.

When they were released, I was disappointed to find out that Brook-Lynn was an FAO Schwarz exclusive and was not available from Tonnerdoll.com.  Tonner had free shipping, so I chose to purchase from them and got two Houstons and an Astor and a Billy.

I collected them today and had a lot of fun with Houston.  Here she is, still in her box with her hair up.

I took down her ponytail and gave her a side plait.

 She can do knee bends!

Little Missmatched Uptown Girl's coat is too small at the shoulders, tight at the chest and short at the sleeves. 

 Little Missmatched Sporty's hoodie's sleeves are also too short.

Moxie Teenz sunglasses fit perfectly.

Here are her sexy shoes (I wish they weren't pink though) and painted toes.  I removed one shoe and boy did I have a heck of a time getting it off.

Her only fault: a slack left knee joint:

I'm looking forward to opening the other girls and having some more fun.


  1. Not my size preferrence, but these are cute dolls. Nice that they are poseable ;-D