Saturday, June 1, 2013

Doll Sewing Book - The First Maid Costume -DollfieDream-

Hobby Link Japan offered this book for pre-order in February this year.

I placed my order and waited patiently for advice of shipment, which came on the 2nd of April.  Tracking indicated that it left Tokyo on Thursday 4th April, and arrived in country, passed through customs and was being held at our national mail centre on Thursday 11th April.

On Sunday 14th April, I found out that a burst pipe had flooded the mail centre on Thursday 11th, but I did not even think about my magazine at the time.  On Monday 15th, I got my notice to collect and went to the usual postal outlet, only to be told that the package was not there and that I had to go to the mail centre to collect it as it was affected by the flood.

I played out many scenarios in my head about compensation for my damaged book, and what if I couldn't get a replacement. 

I wasn't able to get to the mail centre until the 18th.  This is what the box looked like:

Fortunately, the magazine was in a plastic bag, in a plastic bag - so no damage whatsoever!  Thank you Hobby Link Japan!

Patterns and instructions by Sawako Araki

Click here to see photos of pages on Pinterest

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  1. How wonderful it was so well packed and survived the flood. I remember getting a similar notice from our post office. The article wasn't so well packed but it was a t-shirt so water didn't affect it either but you never know until you get it.