Sunday, June 2, 2013


I first saw the Lorifina doll, by Hasbro, in 2011, while viewing this YouTube video .  After that, I searched for any reference to her all over the internet and was disappointed when I found out that she was a discontinued doll.

I continued to search for photos of her and wished and wanted.  On one of my searches early in 2012, I came across a remark that someone had made that a lot of the dolls and accessories were showing up in Texas and that they were seen at Goodwill stores and on ebay.

I took a chance and searched Amazon, not really expecting to see her there, but got the shock of my life when I found her listed by two marketplace sellers, for under US$60.00 each!  I immediately ordered the light skin tone (ivory) doll.  When she arrived, I found her  to be so gorgeous and so sturdily built,  that I decided to order the tan (bronze) one from the other seller.  I wanted, at least one, with a black wig, unfortunately they both came with blonde wigs.

I received quite a few accessories with the dolls.  They both wore the same top and shorts and blonde wig.  They both came with a top, a black fuzzy wrap and a pair of silver jeans (with some lovely detail), red shoes and metallic boots.

Check out the detail.  The button actually works!

I've been able to add these to my collection, from sellers on ioffer and ebay:


  1. Congratulations! Your persistence has paid off and you have now 2 beautiful dolls to add to your collection. What a great feeling to be so rewarded! Have fun with them and their new wardrobes!


  2. Congratulations. I've seen the Lorafina dolls on other blogs and been intrigued but I didn't realise it was still possible to buy them. I'll have to check out ebay and possibly Amazon (sometimes they won't ship some items to Australia).

    1. Thanks, Carrickters. Please keep checking around. I never thought I would own one - and got two!