Sunday, December 28, 2014

Barbie Style Girls

During Amazon's Lightening Deals earlier this month, I got the Barbie Style Floral Jacket doll.

 Things I like about her:
  - Her skirt with the front faux zipper.
  - Her bracelets.

  - Her boots, faux slouch socks (they're more like gathered leg warmers).
  - The appearance of her handbag (it's molded plastic).
Things I'm not so fond of:
  - Her handbag is closed at the top, even though it's hollow.
  - Her biggish head and puffy face.
      Here she is next to a Barbie from the '90s.  I prefer the smaller head.


A few weeks ago, I got the Barbie Style dolls with the ankle joints.

Things I like about them:
- The look of  the ankle joint and feet - so dainty.
 - Their cute shoes.

- The clutch that came with one of the blondes.
- The new face on the blondes (even though they look a little puffy to me).

Things I'm not so fond of:
- The loose weak-kneed feeling of their knee joints and lower legs.
- Teresa's distressed look.  I don't think the eyelashes help. 
          I decided that she would donate her body to Summer.  
          **As an aside, when I removed Summer's head from her original body, 
              I found glue and hair stuck to her neck post.
               Summer is enjoying her new articulated body.
Things I'm not so fond of (cont'd):
- Raquelle's hairstyle.

- Raquelle's black top's too-exposed armhole (otherwise it's a nice top).

- Teresa's high heeled boots, which are too tight and are really difficult
   to put on and take off.  This surely puts stress on her tiny feet and ankles.

- Their inability to sit with their knees together.  See an earlier Fashionistas body
   on the left and Summer on Teresa's body on the right below.

I wonder if we'll see more dolls, with ankle articulation, in the future.


  1. Great purchases! I like the flat feet and the shoes for the flat feet very much :-). Fabulous clothes too, the skirt with zipper is lovely. Summer looks great with her new body.

  2. Summer looks good on her new body and I've seen many dolls sitting worse than her so I wouldn't worry too much. The first of your flat-footed Barbies has a very pretty face and altogether they look like great purchases.

  3. That new body is interesting, have to look for them in our shops. And I love your Summer doll, that mold is my fav :)

    1. I hope you're successful in your search! :)

  4. I like the denim mini skirt and bracelets, too.

    Thanks about the glue in Summer's head warning. The Teresa body is a good match.

    "Teresa's distressed look" apt description. And the eyelashes make her look drunk. Like no way was she sober when she put them on.

    Thanks for the comparison body photo, too ;-)

  5. LOL at the thought of Teresa being drunk while putting on her eyelashes! :)