Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Bodies in da House

Raquelle: "Look what came today! An EMS package from Japan!"

Raquelle: Let's see who it's from.  Hobby Search? Are you expecting this?
Me: "Why, yes I am! I didn't expect it so soon, though.  This package took five days to get to Trinidad.  It spent one day in customs and it took three days to be processed at the Post Office and for notification to be sent out. That was fast!"

Raquelle: "Let's see what the Customs Declaration says.  Hmmmm. 'Detailed description of contents: Doll'.  'Number of items contained: 2".  

Raquelle: "Really? More dollie friends to play with!"

Raquelle: "Ooooooh! 'Inspected by Customs'!"

Raquelle: "What's this?  Oooooh an invoice!"

Raquelle: "Pure Neemo? What's a Pure Neemo?"
Me: "It's a type of doll."

Raquelle: "Oh my goodness! So much paper!"
Me: "Take your time. I'll help you; just pass it to me."

Raquelle: "I can see something!"
Me: "Careful now, you don't want to fall."

Raquelle: "Here take this paper!"
Me: "Okay, okay, slow down."

Raquelle (sobbing): "OMG! How cute! Take it out.  I want to play with it."
Me"Not yet. Let's take a photo of the two of them in their packaging first."

Raquelle: "Ladies and gents, I present Pure Neemo Flection Small and Medium." 
Me: Thank you, Raquelle. I need some room to remove them from their packaging so we can have a closer look.  Go over there and wait with your sister."

Raquelle to Raquelle: "Boohoo! They're so cute.  I just want to eat them up."
Raquelle to Raquelle: "Okay, dear.  Take a deep breath."

Raquelle (after much deep breathing): "Hi, I'm Raquelle, what are your names?"
Pure Neemos in unison: "Hi.  We have no names yet. We don't even have heads!"

Raquelle (scooping them up in her arms): "Teehee.  You're still so cute and heavy!"
Pure Neemos in unison: "Wait 'til you see us with heads. Um, you can let us go now."

Raquelle to Raquelle: "Yeah, sis. Let's give them some space."
Raquelle to Raquelle: "But they're new here and probably feel scared. I want them to feel at home."
Pure Neemos in unison: "We're fine. We're fine.  We do feel at home. Thank you so much for caring.  You can let us go now."

Raquelle to Raquelle: "Let's go shopping and we can get ice cream after."
Raquelle to Raquelle: "But, but....
Pure Neemos in unison: "Bye!  Nice to meet you! See you later!

Pure Neemo S to Pure Neemo M: "She's super friendly."
Pure Neemo M to Pure Neemo S: "She's scary, if you ask me."

Me: "Okay.  Everybody line up, line up!"

Now to assign heads (all Obitsus) to bodies (three Obitsu's on the left and the two Pure Neemos on the right).


  1. Hahaha, Raquelle number one is a very sweet girl. A funny story :-). I look forward to see the finished dolls!

    1. Thanks, Night Owl. I still can't make up my mind about the heads. :) I'll be sure to post when I've finished them!

  2. I like both the Raquelles AND the.Pure Neemos . Gonna be fun seeing them with heads ;-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to making them even cuter. :)

  3. Look at all of that great articulation! You are going to have a lot of fun with these ladies!

    1. I hope I match the right head with the right body to get the right look. :) Thanks for stopping by.