Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Candi Dolls

Many moons ago,  I started collecting Hamilton Toys fashion dolls.

I bought mostly 'baggies' - nude dolls in plastic bags.  The only dressed dolls I purchased were a Betty Page Christmas Pin-up and a Retro Cherisse  (strange enough, these dolls have remained in their boxes). Check this web site for more information on Candi dolls -

Two of my dolls have had their hair deteriorate and fall off in my hand.  They are now scheduled for molded hair.  I'm really looking forward to that challenge.

Here are the two heads: 

Below - Body Comparison: Candi on the left, Barbie on the right.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I was in a bit of a quandary a little while back, when I couldn't decide which head to use on one of my  Obitsu 50cm dolls.  I purchased both dolls from The Junky Spot.

I am not particularly fond of the anime heads for adult dolls, but think they're cute for younger dolls.  Since the Obitsu 50cm comes with an anime head, I purchased a Megu head for the first one and a Gretel head for the second one.

The Megu head was just right; however, when I put the Gretel head on the other 50cm body, I found that the head looked a bit too big (it really is meant for a 60cm doll), so I replaced it with a Sheba head (which is also for a 60cm doll, but looks okay).

Since I had an excuse (the 'bodyless' Gretel head) to buy a 60cm Obitsu body, I went ahead and got one.  My interest was also peaked by the Yamato VMF50 dolls and the Volks Dollfie Dream doll.   The Yamato doll is based on the Obitsu 50cm doll, but has a more sinewy appearance.  I can't afford the Yamato doll, so acquiring one will remain a dream.

When I decided to purchase a Dollfie Dream body, I had to choose between the Dollfie Dream Dynamite Base body (a fuller, curvier body) and the Base Body II (a slimmer body).  Variety being the spice of life, I chose the Dynamite Base body.  I was happy to learn that Obitsu/Parabox white heads would match the normal Dollfie Dream body and got a Haruka head for it.

While waiting for my Dollfie Dream to arrive, I started having doubts about which head I should assign to which body.  It was not until it the body arrived and I tried both heads, that I decided on switching the Gretel to the Dollfie Dream body and the Haruka to the Obitsu 60cm body.

In the top photo, the doll on the left is the Haruka head on the Dollfie Dream body.  You will notice the slight difference in colour between the head and body.  It is more obvious in person. On the right is the Obitsu Body with the Gretel head.  The Haruka head appears whiter than the Gretel. 

  The Gretel turns out to be a much better match to the normal skin Dollfie Dream.