Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mattel Stardolls

I've been eyeing the Mattel Stardolls ever since the promotional photos appeared on the internet.

Articles started appearing in February of this year.  Check this one on Stardoll's official blog.

I don't even remember where I first saw them, but the variety of faces in the line, had me wanting one of each!   I checked frequently for any news about the release of the dolls and read of sightings in the US by several persons; but I couldn't find any online sources.  Last month, however, a few started appearing on at ridiculously high prices (between US$60 -  $70)!  I see that the prices have now gone down now, though.

Finally, the dolls became available at on the 5th December and on the 6th, I zoomed over to the website to order.  I knew I couldn't buy one of each, especially since I did not know how big the doll boxes were and I knew that I had to keep the package as small as possible, in order to keep shipping costs to Trinidad at a minimum.   My credit card was also giving me the evil eye.

I was very happy that, in addition to the initial promotional photos, there were actual shots of the dolls in their boxes.  The actual dolls were different from the promotional photos, so I still did a search for doll owner images, to make sure that I made the right choices.

I finally decided on two dolls and placed my order, with free shipping too!  The package was shipped on Wednesday 7th and delivered by Fedex ground to Miami on Monday 12th December.  It left for Trinidad the same day and by Friday 16th, it had cleared customs and was ready for collection.

So, who did I get?

Tada!        It's Pretty n' Love - Style 2


Fallen Angel - Style 2

My pretty girls will remain in their boxes until Christmas, when I'll take them out to play!