Things To Remember / Verify / Do

Dollwear sharing

  1. CED doll clothes fit Lorifina? No.
  2. Teen Trends shoes fit Lorifina?
  3. Lorifina jeans fit CED but do not button up.
  4. BFC Ink flat shoes fit Obitsu 50cm.  
  5. BFC Ink skirts/pants too narrow for Obitsu 50cm hips.
  6. BFC Ink Skirts/short pants fit Lorifina.
  7. Disney V.I.P. ankle boots fit Fashion Royalty.
  8. Littlemissmatched Uptown Girl jacket and dress fit Fashion Royalty (loose)
  9. Ken Tops fit Littlemissmatched.

DOLL CLOTHES PATTERNS ADJUSTMENTS from Perfect Patterns' Scaling Chart:

  • 16" doll - increase 12" patterns by 133% and adjust as required to fit doll.
  • 12" doll - decrease 16" doll patterns by 75% and adjust as required to fit doll.


  1. Make an outfit, based on the Alice in Wonderland outfit by costume designer Colleen Atwood (she won the Academy Award® for Best Costume Design in 2011), as seen on this blog.
  2. Make a skirt based on this design.

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