Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Barbies

I acquired a Rocawear Kara, locally, earlier this year and was very disappointed with the way her upper arms did not line up close to her body, so I decided then that I would pass on this line.  Here she is wearing a dress I originally made for one of my Solo in the Spotlight dolls:

Earlier this week I wanted to take advantage of a sale at Excellent Stores (a local department store) and hustled to the mall to snatch up the Fashionista Sporty I was eyeing.  Of course, she was gone and I was so disappointed, since I really wanted her because of her 'pivotal' knees.

I visited one of the other toy stores in the mall and spied a basic Jayla:

I got her because of her face and hair, which made up for the lack of articulation, her stiff hard body and her un-clickable legs.  Also, her arms did not stick out like Kara's.  One more added to my list of dark-skinned dolls awaiting articulated bodies.

Whilst there, I was so happy to get these two pivotal-knee'd ladies.

See why I like the pivotal knee so much: