Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Arrival - Ever After High

I  was in two minds about getting any of the Ever After High dolls, but eventually caved in, after seeing 'in real life' photos and finding out that there was a 2-doll pack with a boy in a cool outfit! (I think there are never enough boy dolls.)   I found them on Amazon.com.  

I didn't like the colours of the hair and face paint of some of the dolls but decided on  Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman and Briar Beauty.  They were saved in my shopping cart for several weeks before I finally clicked on the 'Checkout' button.  I got them today.

I love their sweet faces and their packaging.  I think that the book effect is really cool.  I will definitely save them and make them part of a permanent display.

Two things bothered me, however:

 1. The weird angle at which Ashlynn's right knee was placed before her foot was secured.

2. How dangerously close Hunter came to having his head squished.  The plastic close to his head was squeezed in and even after I pushed it back out, there's a permanent crease in the plastic.  The shipping box does not appear to have been crushed, so I don't know how this could have happened.

I have found that there might be a Cerise Hood in my future - she  looks really tempting.

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