Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Second Ruruko

I collected my second Ruruko (the one from the US dealer) from my freight forwarder on the 7th of this month.  

I have had problems before with my packages being squashed and damage being done to my dolls' packaging inside.  This box was squished, but the inner box and doll box were fine, except for a dent on the left side of the doll box cover.

Notice the tear  at the top left of the box in the picture below.

There were no cute little cards.  It was just a box in a box in a postal box.

Here's the dent that corresponds with the tear in the outer box.   Sigh.. 

And here she is!

All decked out.

When I had a good look at both dolls together, I realised that they looked different.  My Petworks Ruruko's bangs, came all the way down and covers a portion of the top of her eyes  and my US Ruruko's bangs' stop a little above her eyes.

I'm glad they look different.  I don't usually name my dolls, but I am seriously considering naming them.   Lorinda on the left and Lucinda on the right.  

I also noticed that my Petworks girl's limbs are looser and she had a pin under her right arm that was popping out.  

I was able to push it in and hope that it doesn't work its way out again. 

Her left arm is fine.

So,  after inspection comes play!
Warming up.

Waiting for socks and shoes.


"No. It's this way."

I need to get cracking on creating some Obitsu and Azone friends for them.  I already have the bodies and heads and plan to use decals for some of their eyes.   I also need to sew some clothes and see what shoes I have that will fit them.  I'm really looking forward to playing some more.  :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My First Ruruko

For my birthday this month, I pre-ordered Tutu Ruruko in May from a US supplier for delivery end July/early August.  When she became available on the Petworks Global site mid July, I ordered another one, just in case I didn't get her from the US supplier. 

My Petworks order was shipped from Japan on the 15th July and I collected her from the Post Office on the 31st July, after paying customs duties and VAT.

She came in her doll box, wrapped in bubble wrap, in a box, in a huge, laminated, brown paper bag! 

Even though I promised myself that I wouldn't play with her before my birthday, I'm glad I unboxed her to make sure she was okay.   If you like to watch unboxing videos and have five minutes to spare, you can view my first ever published unboxing video (you'll see how much I like using annotations) below:

I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that Customs officials see and touch my dollies before I do.  I'm sure they don't know how to handle delicate dollies.  They removed the two pieces of tape that were holding Ruruko to the card at the bottom of the box.  This meant that she was no longer secured. 

Enclosed in the outer box were two notes:

1. A 'Color transfer possibility' cautionary note:

2.  An 'Open Packages Immediately' note:

 There were four postcards, a business card and what looks like a mini newsletter.

Newsletter Front.

Business card  one side.
Business card reverse.

Postcard - reverse

Postcard reverse

 Postcard reverse

She's such a cutie. 
"Would you like to see what I can do?"

"I can do this"

"And this."
"And this."

Isn't she adorable?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Translating Japanese Mooks

This past weekend I attempted to translate some instructions for an outfit in one of my Japanese doll pattern mooks.

I searched and found a few blogs with translation lists and guides (I've listed them at the bottom of this post).   I also discovered that the Google Translate app, which I've had on my phone for some time, can translate characters from photos.

The app accepts handwritten or typed text and once you've given it access, accepts speech via the phone's microphone and uses your phone's camera for scanning.  It can also speak the English translation for you.  It's a tedious process, but here's a brief look at how it works:

Some of the translations were hilariously wrong or verbose, while others were spot-on.  What I've learnt so far:

  • Some Japanese characters' individual translations differ from when they are grouped with other characters; so you need to know where a sentence/phrase begins and ends to know where to highlight for translation.
  • The app doesn't seem to recognise when the characters are printed for vertical reading (and there is a lot of vertical print),  so the translation ends up sounding like something Yoda would say.
  • Good lighting and clear print are a must, as the characters can be misinterpreted if they're not clearly printed for scanning.
During my online search, I came across this blog with very informative guides on sewing (in general) with patterns from Japanese sewing books:
These are the Japanese sewing terms translations:
This project requires a lot of patience and I hope the information I collect is viable.  My previous thinking was that all I had to do, with my knowledge of sewing,  was just to follow the photos.  But, after reading the translations, I've realised that I could be missing out on important information.  So,  here goes... 

Monday, August 10, 2015

World Doll Day Tag

I am truly sorry that I did not have this post ready sooner, since World Doll Day was celebrated on Saturday 13th June.  

I was tagged by D7ana (thanks for thinking of me) to participate and didn't realise it until late June.  I started this post and am only now completing it.  Bad me.  :(   D7ana even left a comment for me in my last post, to let me know I was tagged.   I didn't receive Blogger's email notification of D7ana's comment until earlier this month, when I was going through my Junk mail folder!  Thanks gmail!

I know it's lame, but here goes:

1. 2014 Favorite Dolls (and/or Action Figures)
  •      Barbie Fashionistas Summer (such a pretty face).

  • Princess Power Reporter Ken (the glasses, shirt and tie got me).

  • Cradle of Waves - Surf Momoko (I wish I could get my hands on all the tan Momokos ever produced).

  • Barbie and her Style Friends with their flat feet!

2. 2015 Wish List Dolls (and/or Action Figures)
  •     Any Ruruko doll (cuteness galore - but oh so expensive)
  •     IT Hanne Erikson After Hours (such a beauty)
  •     IT Shades of Grey Hanne Erikson (she's so intriguing with black hair)

3. Tag 5 people to do as I have done. 
   Since I'm so late, I won't tag anyone.   :)