Monday, March 11, 2013

Shoes For My American Model

When I purchased my American Model last year, she came with no shoes.   I have found that shoes made for her are too expensive or difficult to purchase and import.

Well, I'm happy to report that she can wear some of Lorifina's high-heeled footwear!

So far, the red shoe and the gold boots.  Woohoo!

Monday, March 4, 2013

1/6 Element Body

I acquired this new body last year from Hobby Search, Japan.  See the product information here.

I had seen the Universal Pooyan doll 'Here Comes the Maid' at this Flickr  photostream and found her articulated body interesting, but she was out of my price range.  I was so happy to see the same body in early March 2012, available for pre-order.  She was supposed to be available by Mid March, which I didn't think was too long to wait.  So, I ordered her and waited.

She was shipped in early April 2012 and came in clear packaging.  Her body facing forward on one side of the packaging and on the other side were her extra hands, feet and legs.

She came with feet already attached, which were 'stinky' looking.  They seemed to have been stained by something blue. Since her extras included high heeled and flat feet,  I didn't mind the 'stinky' feet.

She is lightweight and her shoulder and hip joints are easy to remove. 

Her colour does not show correctly in the photo below.  She really is the paler colour seen above.  Her second pair of legs have a 'double-jointed' knee and a portion of the back of the thigh has been cut away to allow a deeper kneeling position

A comparison of the double jointed knee and the normal knee.

A comparison of the kneeling position of the double-jointed knee and the normal knee.

Some more poses:

Because of her pale skin, the closest head match I had to her skin tone was a Disney 'Once Upon a Wedding' Cinderella.

The head looks a lot darker than it really is in this photo.

She's fun to dress and pose.  11.5" doll clothes fit and Disney V.I.P. shoes fit her high heel feet.

I have imagined her as a naive young lady, who has just been let out into the world.

This is her reaction when she first meets Frankie.

Cindy: "Eeek! Do you know there's something in your neck?"
Frankie: "Whoa!  Don't look so worried.  I've had it all my life."
Cindy:"Can I touch it?"
Frankie: "Sure, but be gentle."
Cindy: "Does it hurt?"
Frankie: "No."
Cindy: "Ooooh.  Shiny."

Cindy:"How come your head is so big?"
Frankie: (stifling a laugh) "Because it grows every time someone asks me a question."
Cindy: "Oh dear. I have to remember that!"

Cindy: "Oh my! What's this gooey stuff coming out of the back of your head?"
Frankie: "..........."

On a side note, Cinderella's body was donated to a Disney V.I.P. Hannah Montana head.