Monday, January 12, 2015

Some Re-bodied Girls

I am thankful for Amazon's Christmas/Year-end sales.  It's when I get most of my articulated dolly bodies. I also got some of the Barbie Style new fashion packs.

Here are Barbie as Maria in Sound of Music and Twirling Ballerina Teresa, both from 1995.  I found this pink fashion most appropriate for Maria - she's just missing her hat and guitar.

Also getting new bodies were my University Cheerleader dolls  -Tennessee and Oklahoma.

My poor cheerleader girls have glue heads and oily hair.  I used baby powder on Tennessee (she had the worst hair of the two) over a few days, then washed her hair with shampoo and it looked much better.  I'm sure I'll have to repeat this treatment as more glue seeps out. :(