Petworks Momoko & Ruruko

I bought my first Momoko dolls in 2010.  They were Love a la Mode and a nude Momoko body from ebay;  Natural Days, Outdoor Boyish and Fruit of Passion nude dolls from a seller in Japan; 
Cosmos Sweetheart and Miss Weekday from Amazon marketplace.  Ethnic Flower was purchased from ebay in 2013 and my most recent Ambivalent Girl, Cradle of Waves Surf and Ripple in 2014.

Here are some links for things Momoko:
In 2015 I acquired my first Ruruko doll - Tutu Ruruko.

Information on Ruruko

Momoko's measurements:
Bust: 12.3cm (4.9 inch)
Waist: 7.8cm (3.1 inch)
Hips: 14.2cm (5.7 inch)

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