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  • Lace bustier
  • Vest and sweatpants made from an old t-shirt
  • Tube dress
  • Other pieces I've made over the years.


My Materials:
  • Approximately 16cm (6 1/2") length of 4.5cm (1 3/4") wide scalloped lace (not stretch lace). 
    • The scallops on the lace were 3cm (approx. 1 1/4")  wide along one edge and 1cm ( approx. 3/8") on the other edge.  The side with the wider scallops was used for the top of the bustier.
  • Sewing machine, thread to match the lace.
  • 2" piece of velcro
  • Optional for the lined bustier - A small piece of material approximately 2" x 2 1/2" (5cm x 6.5cm). 
My Method 
I wrapped the lace around the doll and lined up the scallops to match her bust, ensuring I had enough for overlap and turn-in at the back.

I made two pleats just under the bust.  The pleats on the unlined bustier were sewn as two darts from the bottom up to just under the bust and made perfect 'bra cups' for the small-busted doll.  For the lined one, the pleats were sewn 3/4 of the way up, creating 'bra cups' for a fuller-busted doll.   
See the darts below.

For the unlined bustier, at the top, I left one scallop on either side of the 'bra cups' at the front and hemmed the rest at the back.   This was just a design element and the extra scallops on either side could be folded down all the way to the back, as in the lined one.

In this one, I turned in and hemmed the top, up to the two 'bra cups' at the front.

For the lined bustier I cut the lining material to the shape of the large scallops on the 2 1/2" (6.5cm) side.  I placed the material on the doll and measured and marked darts on the 2" (5cm) side.  After sewing the darts, I ironed them down.  The lining was pinned to the front of the bustier, matching centres and sewn all around using a zig zag stitch, pleating the bottom to fit the bottom edge of the lace.    
This is what the lining looks like with the dart on the inside:
This was an experimental piece, so please excuse the frayed edges and crooked sewing.  I would turn under a small hem before attaching the lining to the lace, next time.

Velcro was added after the back edges were turned in. 


This was made specifically for a 27cm large bust Obitsu.

Materials used:
  • An old knit top.
  • Needle and thread to match the material.
  • Crochet cotton for cord for the pants waist.
My Method
I cut a rectangle (that was long enough to go around the bust area of the doll to the back) from the bottom of the knit top, that included the hem.  I folded rectangle in half,  marked the centre and placed it on the doll, matching the centre line of the doll.  I wrapped it around the doll and pinned it at the back, marking the neckline and armholes.  

I cut out the armhole and neckline on one half of the rectangle, folded the rectangle in half again and cut out the balance of the neckline and the other armhole, leaving the top as one piece, with the only seam at the back (A).
This is the rectangle folded in half (centre front)

This is the top cut opened out.

I folded the back inward and matched the shoulder seams.

I sewed the shoulder seams.

Tried on the top

 Pinned it at the back to check for fit.

For the pants, I folded the material, with the fold on the side, laid the doll on top and cut out one pant leg.

I opened it out and used it as a pattern to cut out the other leg.

I stitched the centre front and back seams.

 Basted and hemmed the legs.

 Pinned and sewed the inner leg seam.

Turned in a small hem at the waist and threaded a length of crochet thread as a drawstring.


Simple Tube Dress for Tonner's Antoinette mannequin.

BARBIE-SIZED strap dress with hip fringe.

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